Since olden times, most sake has been brewed with ordinary food rice. Today, the mainstream of sake consists of local sake (jizake) also brewed with ordinary rice harvested in that area. Already in the past, in Hiroshima and the Chugoku area rice of high quality was harvested thanks to the cold water springing up in the mountains and the cool climate at night. Koji rice is the ingredient that has the greatest influence on the taste. In general, it takes 46 hours to make koji-rice, but we spend more than 50 hours, the time necessary for making koji-rice for Daiginjo sake. In this way, they are able to make koji-rice with a solid taste and brew sake with a richer flavor and more depth.

Tasting Note

Mellow, mild, and balanced with hints of honey and brown butter.

Food Pairing

Best slightly chilled or room temperature; can be lightly warmed. Excellent with fried oysters, Japanese “katsu,” or cutlet, or yakitori.

Region: Hiroshima
Grade: Junmai
Seimaibuai: 65%
Nihonshudo: +1.0
Rice: Local rice from Hiroshima Prefecture
Alcohol Percentage: 15.4%

Unique Selling Points
  • An even-keeled, mellow junmai– not too earthy and dry, but by no means sweet.
  • The Nakao Sake Brewery is located on the coast in an area that had natural salt beds hundreds of years ago
  • Delicate and clean, showing the classic Hiroshima style
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