Grappa is exclusively an Italian product obtained by distillation of the lees of the wine (the fermented skins). Its origins are found in the 16th Century, and Piedmont is one of Italy’s regions with the longest tradition of production. Over time, the production process was modified from simple stills heated over a direct flame to those using steam and a bain-marie (double boiler) process, similar to a Caffey still.

Michele Chiarlo grappa is distilled in small copper stills using a bain-marie steaming process. Relatively slow and costly, these methods produce a gentle grappa which retains the characteristics of the grape varieties from which they’re produced. A fine grappa is critically dependent on the distillation of fresh lees. Michele Chiarlo’s attention to this criterion and the design of the distillation facility allows for the completion of the production process within a few days after the end of fermentation. Superb grapes, extraordinary skill and the meticulous care of Michele Chiarlo’s master distiller yields a very delicate grappa that shows the typicity of the fine grape varieties used to craft it.

About three hundred kilos of must are placed in each small copper still, and worked for only 60 minutes per cycle. The must is distilled to no higher than 70% abv. The grappa is aged in stainless steel tanks for 10-12 months and bottled without undergoing refinement in oak barrels.

Tasting Note

Grappa di Moscato has the delicate floral aromas and elegant, dry and velvety flavors of the pomace from Moscato grapes.

Food Pairing

Usually served neat after dessert.

Technical Data
ABV: 42.20%
Unique Selling Points
  • Michele Chiarlo’s Moscato yields the pomace for distillation
  • Small copper stills use a bain-marie for the slow, gentle effect of a double boiler
  • The time-consuming, costly distillation method preserves precious youthful and floral grape characteristics
  • A smooth, balanced grappa with an earthy, pleasant bitter almond quality
  • The traditional method of batch-distillation using small copper stills, though more expensive, lends a more delicate grappa
  • Master Distillers with experience and skill in the traditional method of crafting grappa are essential to its success
  • The Moscato grape lends its classic aroma, flavor profile and velvety texture to this distinctive grappa

About the Grape

Moscato Bianco / Muscat d’Alsace
Shows exotic aromas of tropical fruits, flowers, rose petals and citrus blossoms, and bright, clean fresh grape flavors, with a note of acidity. Sweet and fortified wines show honey and caramel notes.
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