The flagship product of the Kameizumi brand, one of the hidden gems of the Kochi Prefecture. Kochi sake is made with “CEL-24” yeast, a special yeast that the region developed.

Tasting Note

Immediately showing the yeasty, bisquity nose of a “namazake,” this sake is luscious, fruity, and soft on the palate. It is a -20 on the Sake Meter Scale, which identifies it as very fruity.

Food Pairing

Serve chilled. Pair with foie gras, blue cheese, and grilled lobster with herbs.

ABV: 14%
Seimaibuai:: 50%
Nihonshudo:: -7〜-20
Acidity: 1.5〜2.5
Amino Acid Level: 0.9~1
Yeast: CEL-24
Shubo method: Sokujo
Pressing Method: Press in Yabuta

Unique Selling Points
  • Made with yeast Cel-24, this yeast was created in collaboration with other Kochi breweries
  • Two different kinds of rice are used, Hatannishiki from Hiroshima, across the bay, and Matsuyama Me, from nearby Ehime prefecture
  • Unpasteurized and undiluted (Namazake Genshu) but sold year-round unlike most namazakes which are seasonal
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