Produced in a limited edition of 500, as you palate the Cognac, Le Voyage will take you back to the days of leather trunks, horse drawn carriages, and the ‘Age of Enlightenment’. This cognac is carried in the pure form of a Baccarat crystal decanter, forged from fire and silica and gloriously presented in a luxurious, leather case, delicately hand made by a most gifted artisanal French tanner. Le Voyage is exclusively blended from Delamain’s prestigious demijohn collection. The collection is particularly unique, due to its range of exceptional Cognacs dating from 1847 to 1947.

Tasting Note

Le Voyage unfolds a series of global subtle sensations; including the perfumes of Russian leather, the musky aroma of the tropics, heady scents of tobacco from the Americas, coffee from Africa, spicy hints from the Far East, and finally the bouquet of grapes from the hillsides of Grande Champagne.

Food Pairing

The highest-quality Cognac is usually enjoyed after dinner as a contemplative drink. It should be served at cool room temperature or slightly chilled and allowed to warm in the glass, slowly releasing waves of aroma. Pour about 1 inch of Cognac into a thin tulip-shaped glass. Pause to smell the aromas, then take small sips to appreciate the Cognac’s smooth texture, its expressive layers of flavor and its lengthy finish. Cognac connoisseurs enjoy its aromas long after the glass is empty.

Technical Data
ABV: 42%
Aging: An irreplaceable blend of extremely old and rare pre-Prohibition eaux-de-vie
Unique Selling Points
  • Le Voyage is exclusively blended from Delamain’s prestigious demijohn collection
  • Bottled in a Baccarat decanter within a handcrafted leather dovetail case
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