Barda is made from fruit from a 20-year-old vineyard, and also receives fruit from the “Treinta y Dos” and “Cincuenta y Cinco” vineyards. The fruit was harvested by hand and no automated mechanization was used at any stage of the production process. The grapes were hand destemmed and sorted before moving to small cement tanks for maceration with occasional punch-downs to maximize extraction of color, fruit and tannins. The grapes were fermented with natural yeasts, and the wine was matured in oak barrels before bottling.

95 Points
2016 vintage
95 Points
Tasting Note

Smooth with dusty berry, plum, caramel and spice aromas and flavors, this Pinot Noir culminates in a composed and satisfying finish.

Food Pairing

Pairs well with roast beef, salmon, swordfish and pastas with meat or seafood sauces.

Unique Selling Points
  • A 100% biodynamic and 100% certified organic Pinot Noir
  • Made with fruit from two extremely old vineyards, planted in 1932 and 1955
  • No mechanization was used at any stage of the harvesting or winemaking process.
  • Matured for 11 months in oak barrels, for great complexity

Vineyard Details

Cincuenta y Cinco Vineyard
Purchased in 2006, the 1955 vineyard consists of vines planted in that year. These old vines, growing on their own rootstocks, produce reduced quantities of concentrated fruit.
Treinta y Dos Vineyard
This was the founding vineyard of Bodega Chacra, acquired in 2004, and consists of a plot of land still supporting vines planted in 1932. These vines produce tiny bunches of small, concentrated berries. Because of the arid climate in the Río Negro Valley, the root louse phylloxera fails to survive here, and the vines can grow on their own rootstocks, a condition believed to produce superior fruit.

About the Grape

Pinot Noir
In France, makes a silky, deceptively powerful wine of elegant, complex aromas and subtle, red fruit flavors, with earthy, floral, mushroom and mineral notes. In California, shows ripe, sweet characters.
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